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When I try and print something, everything looks blown up / zoomed in on the page

This can happen if you have the wrong type of printer set as your default printer in Windows (e.g. a label printer, etc.). To fix the issue, close Cashbook, then do the following:-

  1. In Windows, go to “Settings”, “Devices”, “Printers and scanners”
  2. Uncheck the option labelled “Allow Windows to manage my default printer”
  3. Select your actual A4 printer, then click the “Manage” button
  4. Click the “Set as default” button

Next time you use Cashbook, you should now be able to print properly.

Important Info for Gmail Users

If you use a Gmail address with Cashbook, please click here and follow the steps under the “Gmail” heading to continue sending emails from Cashbook using a Gmail address.