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What do I do if my data is corrupt?

If you see a message that your Cashbook file might be corrupted, then follow these steps (in the order listed) until the problem is resolved:-

  1. Download and reinstall the latest version of Cashbook Complete
  2. Under some circumstances, Cashbook may detect problems with corruption automatically and attempt to repair itself.  If it doesn’t do this, try doing a “Repair & Compact” from the “File” menu (top left of the screen)
  3. If Cashbook cannot automatically repair itself and/or if the “Repair & Compact” fails, then you’ll need to restore your data from a backup

Please refer to the “Restoring Data” section on the FAQ page.

Important Info for Gmail Users

If you use a Gmail address with Cashbook, please click here and follow the steps under the “Gmail” heading to continue sending emails from Cashbook using a Gmail address.