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Some totals are not displaying (applies mainly to Splits and Invoices Outstanding)

This problem is caused by not having the most recent updates installed for the Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime that Cashbook requires. The problem will actually correct itself if you have Windows Update turned on and set to “Update other Microsoft products” too. After you’ve enabled that setting and asked Windows to check for new updates, Windows will apply any fixes available for the Microsoft Access Runtime and the problem will be resolved.

For an immediate fix, you can simply uninstall the “Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime” from your computer, then simply download/reinstall Cashbook and Cashbook will automatically reinstall the Access Runtime and any additional fixes it requires.

Important Info for Gmail Users

If you use a Gmail address with Cashbook, please click here and follow the steps under the “Gmail” heading to continue sending emails from Cashbook using a Gmail address.