Can I upgrade my registration?

Sure!  If you’re using Home, you can upgrade to Lite or Complete. If you’re using Lite, you can upgrade to Complete. To upgrade your registration, please contact support for details.

Do I need to purchase again if I use it on another computer?

No. Our registration works on a per data file basis which means it’s your data that’s registered – not the software.  This allows you to access the data file from multiple computers on a network, share your data file with your accountant, or use your data file at multiple locations (such as home and office).

Can I use Cashbook Complete on a mobile / smartphone?

No.  Cashbook Complete is a desktop accounting program, so it needs to be installed on a computer or tablet with a full Windows operating system.  It’s not possible to run Cashbook Complete on a mobile or smartphone device.

Can I use Cashbook Complete on a tablet?

Yes. Cashbook Complete can work on any tablet that runs a full version of Windows, such as a Microsoft Surface.  However, it will not work on Apple iOS (e.g. iPad) or Android (e.g. GalaxyTab) based tablets.