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Some support issues may be too difficult for us to resolve by email. If we’ve asked you to visit this page, please follow the steps below so we can assist you further with remote support.

  1. Click here to download TeamViewer
  2. When the download has finished, test that TeamViewer is working correctly as follows:-  Open Windows Explorer.  Go to the Downloads folder and double-click TeamViewerQS.  You should get a skinny screen with a “Session Code” and your name.  The Session Code box should have a value starting with “s” and it should say “Ready to Connect” at the bottom.  In the Name box please use a name that we can identify you with.  Close TeamViewer again.
  3. Make your payment of $25 or $50 (the amount that we have specified)
  4. Email us with your contact phone number (and if you are only available at certain times then let us know when that is)

Once funds are cleared, we will ring you to do a TeamViewer.   If possible, please keep your computer running and know how to start TeamViewer for when we ring.

IMPORTANT:- If it happens that after 5 minutes of us calling, you have not got TeamViewer running then we will reschedule and you will have five minutes less for when we call again.