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Windows "S Mode" Users

If you can’t install Cashbook Complete or even download our setup file, your computer might be using “S Mode”.

Some Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs may have “S mode” enabled by default.  A PC running in “S mode” means that Microsoft Windows can only install apps exclusively from the Microsoft Store.  This means, you cannot install apps or software downloaded from anywhere else on the internet, including Cashbook Complete.  However, “S mode” can be disabled.  This then gives you a standard Windows system where you can install any software like normal.  For steps to disable “S mode”, see this Microsoft article.

Microsoft Access Problems

When you install Cashbook Complete, the software automatically downloads and installs a required component from Microsoft called the “Microsoft Access Runtime” (either 2010, 2013 or 2016).  If you happen to already have “Microsoft Access” (2010 or newer) installed, then it skips this step and no further action is needed.

In rare cases, the Microsoft Access Runtime may fail to install if you have other Microsoft Office apps installed.

If you can’t install Cashbook, please contact support for assistance.  We can also assist you remotely to help you get the software working.

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