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How do I allocate a single payment to multiple invoices?

There are two ways to handle one payment for multiple invoices:-

  1. Enter the payment into the Payments Received screen in such a manner that the correct amount is allocated to each invoice and the total of these amounts is equal to the payment you received.  That is, the payment must be manually split up into as many payments as there are invoices to receipt.  When using “Payments Received”, click the “Help” button for more information.
  2. Create a split transaction in the cashbook with one line for each invoice that needs to be receipted, and then allocate each of those lines to the appropriate invoice using the “INV” dropdown box at the bottom of the screen.

Watch a video tutorial on the Cashbook and/or Invoice Payments.

Important Info for Gmail Users

If you use a Gmail address with Cashbook, please click here and follow the steps under the “Gmail” heading to continue sending emails from Cashbook using a Gmail address.