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To convert anything (invoices, quotes, reports, etc.) into a PDF file, you can do that as follows:-

  1. Print preview the invoice, quote, report, etc. that you want to convert
  2. Right-click on the item you’re previewing and choose “Export as PDF” (or click the “Export PDF” icon on the top toolbar)
  3. A PDF file will be created instantly, and the next screen you’ll see is a confirmation screen allowing you to:-
    • Open the PDF – Click on the .PDF file name to view the PDF
    • View all PDFs – Click the “Open folder” link to find this and any other PDF document you’ve created previously *

Once this is done, you can optionally drag and drop the PDF onto a blank email message in your own email app to include it as an attachment. This is useful if you can’t email an invoice from Cashbook the normal way for any reason.

* PDFs are stored in a folder called “PDF” in your “Data File Folder”, for example:  “C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Cashbook Data\PDF\YourOrganisation”

Note:  The above steps apply to Version 6.40a (or newer).  If you need to upgrade, you can download the latest version here.  Upgrades are free.