NZ's Most Popular Keep-It-Simple Accounting Software

Acclaim Software, which was founded in 1995 by Eric Schwerzel, is a software development firm based in New Zealand.

Cashbook Complete – one of Acclaim’s core products – was initially developed to fill a void in the market for easy accounting software that anyone could use, without any need for training. From the outset, it was designed to be user-friendly for even novice computer users, whilst being flexible enough to handle accounting tasks for a wide range of businesses.

Prior to developing the Cashbook, Acclaim Software built bespoke software and the staff worked on the Cashbook when there was no contract work to do.  Cashbook was first introduced to the market around 1997 where it was launched at a local trade show.  Within three years, the sales from Cashbook were exceeding the bespoke development work, and the Cashbook began to really take off.  Since then, Cashbook has been sold in many countries throughout the world, with Australia and New Zealand being the main markets.

Eric is married with two daughters – one of whom is recently married – and in his spare time, he loves playing tennis at his local club. Eric is passionate about building great software products with his team, two others of which include:-

  1. Focus Magic – the world’s most accurate image sharpening software
  2. Fast-Backup – an incremental backup program for Windows which only backs up the changes made and is therefore really fast
Eric Schwerzel
Founder & CEO

Just a quick note to thank you, after recently purchasing Arrow Driving Academy I was looking for a user-friendly software package, and I found it with Cashbook. I took a crash course yesterday after downloading it from your site. So now I can sleep soundly knowing that my financials are up-to-date and correct.